Virginia Tulipwood S. “Liriodendron tulipifera” Parc la Perle du Lac 100 x 200 cm Mixt techniques on laminated canvas with silver foil 2018

EXPO « Portraits des Géants – Arbres de Genève » à la Villa Dutoit du 29 mai au 20 juin 2021

Spectators will be invited to discover the beauty and faculties of Geneva’s trees through some twenty works presented by Ingrid Kaufmann, an artist who works to promote Switzerland’s tree heritage.

Thanks to the guidance of the specialists, Ingrid went to meet these remarkable Geneva trees. She identified them, photographed them, and visited them every season for three years. Then, in her studio, Ingrid selected the best takes to paint them afterward with a technique she developed herself.

Each painting with a tree is accompanied by technical sheets produced by the Conservatory and Botanical Garden of the City of Geneva, as well as informative panels on trees through various approaches, biological, historical, economic, mythological, social, environmental, etc., this thanks to the participation of the director of research at the CNRS in Paris, Andrée Corvol-Dessert.

Educational panels of the association La Libellule
They allow us to better understand the importance of trees in the local flora, the basis of our ecosystems.

A guide to day-to-day actions to protect the environment
With the participation of Pro Natura.

All texts are in French and English

Find out what trees you have around your house.

Projection of the dynamic SITG – ICA map of Geneva to interact with the inventory of trees in the canton.
Get to know the “our trees” project, which made it possible to identify needs and make proposals.
Get familiar with “Our trees” project.

Projection of the project entitled “Our trees” supported by the GE-21 expert group coordinated by four institutions (HEPIA, UNIGE, Conservatory and Botanical Garden of the City of Geneva, Republic and Canton of Geneva) and bringing together more than 80 participants from academics, private offices, and civil society helped identify needs and make proposals.

At Villa Dutoit.

A library consultation space

Creating a friendly, educational and welcoming space for the visitor.

A provision of bibliographies and press articles encouraging further information on the topic related to the importance of the plant.

Listen to the “music” of the trees depicted in the artist’s paintings at Villa Dutoit. For this, the nurseryman Jean Thoby uses sensors placed in the roots, branches, and leaves of trees, to transform the vibrations emitted by the venerable woodpeckers into musical notes.

But also a host of sensory experiences, conferences, round tables, workshops, animations, film screenings, happenings, and many other surprises.

All the activities of the event are free of charge

At Villa Dutoit, address: Chemin Gilbert-Trolliet 5, 1209 Petit-Saconnex-Geneva, Switzerland



Telephone+41 22 733 05 75




Public transport:
Bus 3 – stop: Trembley
Bus 10 – stop: Bouchet
Bus 22, 51 & 53 – stop: Mervelet
Tram 14 – stop: Bouchet


Recommended parking
Av. du Bouchet / Trembley / Mervelet
Parking prohibited at Villa Dutoit


Opening hours
From Wednesday to Sunday from 15h to 19h.
Free entry
Presence of the artiste on weekends.

If millénaire, Jura bernois, 2018, technique mixte sur toile, 125 x 187 cm

Cèdre du Liban, Parc Beaulieu, Genève Suisse, 100 x 200,Technique mixte sur tissu lamine

Hêtre Historique, Parc de la Grange, 2017, technique mixte sur toile, 122 x 170 cm

Série « Apprécié » Impression linogravure, laminé avec feuille d’or 64 x 38 x 7 cm et 58 x 41 x 7 cm

Ingrid Kaufmann is bicultural, Swiss, and Argentinian and graduated from the School of Fine Arts in Buenos Aires. She has lived and worked in Geneva since 2002. As an artist, galleries and institutions have dedicated personal exhibitions to her. In Geneva, the Center for Contemporary Applied Arts at Place de l’Île; in New York, the gallery of the Argentine Consulate; in Miami, the City Loft Art Gallery in the Design District; in Buenos Aires, at the Borges Cultural Center and in Oslo at the Anna Roza Art Gallery.

Artist whose approach is inspired by sustainable development; Ingrid Kaufmann pays tribute to trees. She devotes her work to promoting the heritage of Swiss trees.

Ingrid has been painting nature for over twenty years. She also spends a lot of her time living in her womb, both in the primary Amazonian forests and in the temperate forests of the old continent. Alone or accompanied, in winter or summer, in a hammock or a refuge, Ingrid devotes her time to maintaining the spiritual link with nature.

During her scientific and artistic research, she developed her own creative technique using gold and silver foils as well as a petroleum derivative to paint nature. Ingrid Kaufmann wants to represent the duality that can endanger our forests. “We have to find a balance between our economic benefits, our consumption, our comfort, the rate of growth of the GDP and the rights of nature and the jurisprudence of the Earth. “

Ingrid Kaufmann invites us to do an awareness-raising process together, by organizing projects that are based on art, science, and education.

(crédits photo: Kaufmann.Art)