Association of the five senses of nature

In front of the environmental damage we cause, we must act to achieve change. To take action, we will need to go through a process of awareness.
Go from “naive consciousness” to “critical consciousness”. And for that, we rely on pedagogy which articulates conscience and emancipation.
This project is not intended to achieve awareness through shock images or catastrophic news. An attempt by people and associations can already provide positive role models and stimulate the desire to be part of the movement of those who are already protecting nature, who are committed to making Geneva a just, sustainable and prosperous city.
We believe in positive stimulation. “We are more motivated to give our best when we find recognition. It is in dialogue and understanding that we can find solutions. ”
As we do not all have the same profile of interest and we are not motivated by the same objectives, we must work as a team, bring together our skills to optimize our communication and awareness capacities.
When we are informed about something, we value it. And giving value is the first step to loving it. And when we love, we protect.
We aim to attract attention through artistic emotion to convey scientific content. For this reason, this project combines the Arts (painting, performance, theater, cinema, body expression, design, street art, projections, etc.) and Sciences (biology, forest engineering, archeology, geomatics, environmental sciences, etc.). It also acts at different levels: in a fun, sensory, political, and scientific way.


María Angelelli, President of the association “The five senses of Nature”

María Angelelli, Swiss and Argentinian, studied in her distant native land. Agricultural engineer graduate, with a postgraduate degree in landscape architecture. Once settled in Geneva, she followed a C.A.S. in nature in the city.

Throughout her professional career, she has transformed her initial desire to exploit the land into the desire to heal and protect it, because it turns out to be a healer.

Today she is also the co-founder of the “hortvs association” which sets up therapeutic, educational, social, and ecological gardens. At the same time, she continues her work as a landscape architect in private gardens.

Ingrid Kaufmann
Initiator, and director of the project


Ingrid Kaufmann is bicultural, Swiss and Argentinian, multilingual, and graduated from the School of Fine Arts in Buenos Aires.

She participated in the training cycle for Art Curator at the Southern Academy; As well as the Budget Management of Museums by the Antorchas Foundation and the National Arts Fund in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Ingrid has lived and worked in Geneva since 2002. She has 7 years of local and international experience in organizing exhibitions in cultural centers, galleries, and art fairs. She set up Camille Pissarro’s exhibition at the Borges Cultural Centre in Buenos Aires.

Ingrid Kaufmann invites us to make a process of awareness together, organizing projects that draw on art, science, and education.




Patricia Antonini
General Coordinator of the event

Patricia Antonini, a Swiss-Argentinian national from a family in Ticino, was born in Buenos Aires where she grew up. She returned to Switzerland in 2002 with her degree in Public Relations from the Argentine University of Enterprise (UADE) and also trained in marketing at the University of Belgrano (UB), the two universities located in Buenos Aires. As a complement to her university studies, she obtained a specialization in Ceremonial and Protocol.

She has developed her professional career in international events. She has planned, organized, coordinated, and supervised more than 400 entrepreneurial, social, and cultural events in several countries over more than 25 years.

Ahead of the coordination of “Portraits of Giants – Trees of Geneva”, she is currently completing her second term as co-director of events and a member of the board of directors of the American International Women’s Club in Geneva.

She is multilingual, dynamic, loves challenges as well as finding pragmatic solutions.

It is involved and active in several NGOs.

Patricia has traveled extensively and enjoys studying and opening up to different cultures to benefit from an intercultural exchange.


Maria Angelelli President